Zion National Park

The day after we hiked the Narrows we went back to Zion National Park and did some more hiking and exploring.

The Court of the Patriarchs:


We always love the contrast between the cactus and their flowers.


Looking down the Virgin River (the same river we hiked the Narrows in- much tamer looking in this spot!)



From partially up Angel’s Landing.

IMG_4615  IMG_4619

Looking back at Angel’s Landing.

IMG_4629  IMG_4637

Golden columbine flowers are so pretty looking!




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The first night we were in the area we camped at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park


Honestly the sand dunes were more orange than pink in my opinion, but still pretty.


If we had had more time we would have rented the sandboards/sand sleds that the visitor center had!



The second night we were in the area we camped at Sand Hollow State Park.

IMG_4652 DSCN1447

With temperatures in the mid 90’s we enjoyed the cold water (or at least putting our feet in it!)


He looks peaceful here but we have to admit, camping at this park was probably the closest we’ve ever got to getting into a fight with other people at the park! This druggie guy started blasting music at 1am to the point where it woke us up from our tent. When it didn’t stop for over 30 minutes, we went over to ask him to turn it off (quiet hours technically start at 10pm). Needless to say he was not very nice to us and it got a little heated. He said he would not turn it off and we could call the police if we wouldn’t. His gf looked pretty concerned and after we left we heard them fighting, but the music finally stopped. We are pretty sure they were doing drugs and she got nervous when we mentioned the police and therefore made him turn it off!


Are you brave enough to jump from that height? We certainly weren’t!


DSCN1454  DSCN1458

If you’re ever in the area there are so many neat state parks in addition to the national parks. We really enjoyed camping at this park.

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