“Z” is for Zombies

For our “Z” date we came up with Z is for zombies! So in the spirit of Halloween we decided to go to a haunted house.

Technically there really weren’t any zombies per se at this one since the theme was “Asylum”. We saved a lot of money by going on a Monday night (and as a result we “only” had to wait in line for an hour to get in).

Two years ago we went to the 13th floor Haunted house, and once again we felt like the Denver haunted houses do not disappoint! The asylum theme was carried out really well and was definitely creepy!


When it was finally our turn to go in, the girl working at it said something to us about “3 minutes to get out”, but it was super loud in there and we had only been half listening to her. We thought she meant you were going into a room where they were going to go over the “rules” and you had 3 minutes to decide you wanted to chicken out and not do it.

So we went into this small super creepy room (just Jeb and I) and she closed the door on us. All the sudden weird noises and fog and a countdown started going off. We didn’t know what was going on and I REALLY did not like it. We realized then that she must have meant we had 3 minutes to figure out how to get out of the room. It was one of those things where you have to use the clues and solve the puzzle to work your way out of the room. We did not realize this for a while and I was just freaking out about how I did not like being trapped in this stupid creepy room and that they better let us still go into the haunted house if we didn’t figure it out in time.

Fortunately Jeb was working on the puzzle and solved it just in time (though I’m pretty sure the time didn’t matter they were letting you in regardless since people have already paid). It was definitely an interesting twist on the normal start to a haunted house and it certainly got our hearts racing!


I made sure to wear my skeleton earrings.

Jeb and I always love going to haunted houses! This one took almost 30 minutes to go through all of it so I think it was definitely worth it.

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