Yurt Dinner Cross Country Skiing

We went to the Tennessee Pass Cookhouse for our first yurt dinner.


We had to cross country ski about 2 miles into the backcountry to get to the yurt.


We went early so we could enjoy the trek there and the views along the way. (Plus we aren’t very good on cross country skis…)


Finally we reached the yurt above 10,000 feet. We sat out on the patio outside and drank beers and watched the sunset over the mountains.


The highest point in Colorado, Mt. Elbert is behind me, as well as Mt. Massive.


I bought Jeb this shirt for his birthday, and my mom got me this sweater for Christmas. We were both excited to wear our new “fancy” (by Colorado standards) shirts.


We had a great time, dinner was very romantic and intimate inside the yurt.



It might have been freezing outside but in here it was plenty warm! Next time we will have to spend the night in one of the sleep yurts they have there.


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