Yosemite National Park

Our final stop on our California trip was at Yosemite National Park. This was the 5th national park of our trip and our 31st park that we have been to together! Jeb and I have both been to Yosemite before when we were young. But this was our first time there as adults and we only count the parks that we have been to together!

The first place we went to in the park was Bridal Veil Falls. This waterfall is super tall and powerful! You could hear it and get wet from the spray of it from super far away. We started hiking closer to it but we were getting increasingly more wet! Since it was a little chilly out and we had our nice camera, we decided that pictures from a little ways out were good enough!

This is probably one of the most iconic views of Yosemite. This location is called tunnel view. In the picture you can see the whole valley, plus El Capitan on the left, half dome on the right, as well as bridal veil falls.

What was weird to us was how many people we saw on our trip in various places facetiming with family members. I think we both have families that cares about us, but no one we know would ever feel the need to see what we are seeing in real time lol. Pictures from our trip that they can view later on is good enough!

After leaving the tunnel view area we headed to a spot where we could get a closer view of El Capitan. It is crazy to me to think about the rock climbers that have been able to successfully climb this. And the fact that it involves sleeping on the wall on these little tent ledge things that they set up. I’m really not afraid of heights when I am harnessed and clipped in, but I’m not sure how well I would sleep off the edge of a rock cliff like that!

This is looking at upper Yosemite falls. After leaving Yosemite Jeb and I felt like you could sum up this whole park in one statement: rock cliffs and waterfalls!

Maybe there is something wrong with me but I tend to find the parks that everyone else loves as a little overrated. Maybe it’s that they have become too overcrowded or maybe it is the stupid cliche things people post on social media about these places, but I prefer some of the less iconic parks. Don’t get me wrong, Yosemite is beautiful but if I had to rank my favorite national parks it wouldn’t be in my top 5. Someday once we have visited all of the national parks I will rank them all (in my opinion) from 1-59. But while I’m in ranting mode, 🙂 I can’t stand when people make lists of “The Best National Parks” before having been to all of them. How can you possibly say which is best until you have been to all of them?!

The next morning we got up early before leaving and did the short hike to lower Yosemite falls. We happened to hit it just right with a really pretty rainbow!

Someday we will be back at Yosemite again. We definitely want to try to get permits in order to hike Half Dome.

On our drive back we stopped at one more place. We stopped and took pictures of Lake Tahoe.

Again, both Jeb and I have been here before when we were much younger. Jeb has skied in the Tahoe area, which is something we would love to come back and do together.

After this all we had left was a LONG drive home. I was excited to head back to our house and being home with the kitties. I was not excited for our vacation to be over or to head back to work! Fortunately as always, we have tons of upcoming trips to look forward to. I honestly don’t think I could survive without trips to look forward to!

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