“Y” is for Yarn Craft

For our “Y” date we decided to do this yarn craft that we had seen on Pinterest. It looked simple enough in a picture and required very few materials so we thought it would be a breeze. Oh boy were we wrong…


First you have to blow up the balloons. And then you cut up a bunch of yarn pieces. We initially thought we were going to make pumpkins out of all of these balloons.


Then you have to dip the strips of yarn into glue and wrap them around the balloon. It is a miserable, messy, difficult process! The yarn would stick to me way better than it would stick to the balloon…


It took so long to do one of them and we were afraid that they wouldn’t turn out well at all so we just decided to do only one and see how it turned out.


This is what it looked like after wrapping it all up in gluey yarn pieces. We had to hang it from a kitchen cabinet so that it wouldn’t stick to anything.


We left it here to hang over night so that it would fully dry.


In the mean time we were pretty convinced that it wasn’t going to turn out well, so we looked up some other yarn crafts we could do instead. Jeb found these spiders and we had all of the stuff we needed. So we made a bunch of pipe cleaner spiders attached to a string.


We thought they turned out really cute!


Also we inadvertently made a new cat toy… haha. We never saw the cats messing with them so we thought they were being good, until one day we came home and had a bunch of spiders on the floor. At least they are really easy to fix!


The next day when the glue was fully dry I was able to pop the balloon and separate it from the dried yarn. It didn’t turn out that great, but honestly it was better than we thought it was going to be. We were afraid it would just completely fall apart when we popped the balloon and it didn’t! The biggest problem was instead just getting all of the extra glue off of it.


At least we ended up with a few neat new Halloween decorations as a result of our date! But I definitely wouldn’t want to get that gluey ever again!

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