“X” is for Xhibit

Okay so I know that I spelled exhibit wrong lol, but seriously though, X is a tough letter! For our “X” date we decided to go to this really neat teacher event that the Denver Museum of Nature and Science had. It was free for all teachers and one guest to go to the museum after hours. The exhibits were open, there was free food, there was a cash bar, AND there were also IMAX and planetarium shows included!


It was definitely worth it since it was free! The food was actually really good and we got to preview a new IMAX movie that hadn’t been released to the public yet. The IMAX was on mummies and really made me wish Egypt was safer so that we could travel there!


Since we only had a couple hours there, Jeb and I went to their newer exhibit called “Extreme Mammals”. We had been to the museum before, so we wanted to see what was new.


It was a pretty neat exhibit. We wanted to go to the planetarium show as well but we were so sleepy (from getting back at midnight from Zion) that we were afraid that laid back in a dark room we would just fall asleep! lol.


There was also a birds of prey exhibit there. We always love seeing these birds. I definitely would be scared to hold them though!


This was a neat event for math and science teachers because there were so many booths set up offering different programs and things that could be used in the classroom.


The museum looks pretty at night. Jeb and I have been here a few times now since our “I” date was actually here as well.


On the way out they gave us free neon colored mugs! We both brought ours to use at work.


Jeb always complains that teachers never get any perks (and most of the time he is exactly right), but this was a pretty fun free night!

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