White Butte

Jeb and I went to North Dakota to hike the high point and go to the national park there. It was kind of a “random” sounding weekend in the sense of when people ask you what you’re doing for the weekend and you say “going to North Dakota” lol. I don’t think it is a hugely popular vacation spot, especially when you’re from Colorado!


We parked here to start the high point hike. It looks like you used to be able to go closer, but the people that own the surrounding land now don’t let you. It was an expensive hike, because you are supposed to donate $10, but we only had a $20 so we gave that. While you might think why not just not put anything in how will they know? We considered this, but we were afraid that maybe we were the only ones to come in a while and they might have our car towed off of their private property while we were gone if we didn’t put any in!


What should have only been a 2 mile hike ended up being closer to 4 because of parking further away. However, it was still a really easy hike. Almost entirely flat until the end when you go up 400 feet.


Not the most scenic high point we have ever done, but it was at least more interesting than just a grassy hill. Which given what the rest of the state looked like, it very easily could have been.


Probably the most challenging aspects of the hike were dodging huge piles of cow poop, and working our way in and out of the barbed wire fence that was there because of the cows lol.


Looking back on the way we had come from.


At the top of North Dakota. We were surprised to find when we read the log book to see that we were not the only ones to hike it that day, and that there had been quite a lot of people through there lately. It is always such a weird feeling to stand in a place that seems so isolated and obscure and find that actually many other people have been to that exact spot not very long ago.


One guy in the logbook said this was his 46th high point. I said to Jeb that I wondered what his remaining 4 were, and that I hoped for his sake they weren’t Denali, Rainier, Granite, and Hood. If that was the case he would have been so close yet so far from being complete!


Jeb at the top about to write down that we had completed “lucky number 13”.


The view off this direction was prettier. There were lots of identical looking areas that we could see, just not quite tall enough to be important!



We were surprised when we got to the top that certain directions were a lot more lush than we would have expected. We even saw trees once we got up there.


It turned out to be a much hotter day than it was supposed to be. I was regretting my clothing choices by this point!


Kind of a weird experience as our first high point after Mt. Hood. To have worked so hard for one high point and then to go on to another that could be done so easily. I guess it makes you realize what a strange concept high pointing is, but we enjoy it 🙂


Highest point in North Dakota, almost the same as the lowest point in Colorado!


Another high point complete. Next we move on to Colorado and New Mexico. With our real sights turned to Rainier for next summer.

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