Whale Watching in Icleand

To be honest we did not have the best of luck with the two boat rides we took in Iceland. However, I did not get sea sick or throw up on either so I consider that to be a pretty big success lol! Plus both boat rides gave us warm outfits, so we were generally content.


The daytime boat ride we did was supposed to be for whale watching. We were so excited because there are a lot of different kinds of whales off the coast of Iceland, but unfortunately we did not see a single whale 🙁


On the boat ride they had someone talking over the loudspeaker in order to point out where the whales were at. Instead the person was freaking out about every single dolphin they saw… I don’t know if we are just unappreciative or if the whole thing was just an act to convince you that you got your money’s worth, but we were unimpressed.


About halfway through the boat ride, I think once people realized we weren’t going to see anything, just about everyone in the inside seating area fell asleep lol. I think it was the rocking of the boat (and a little boredom) but at one point I looked around and almost everyone was asleep.


Bundled up selfie, it was VERY windy out there.




Other boats in the harbor and behind that is the Harpa, the really neat looking concert/theater venue.


Closer view of the Harpa. I thought it was really cool how they would change the colors of this building at different points in time.


City skyline, such a cute little city.


One of the few times on the trip that the sky was clear enough to actually see the mountains across the water.


People on the boat looking somewhat less than thrilled haha.


The nighttime boat ride we did was a northern lights cruise.

Prior to going to Iceland we had no idea how difficult it is to see the northern lights. I thought it would be like seeing stars, all you would need is a semi clear night and to get a little ways away from city lights. This was so not the case. Yes, the sky has to be clear (which was super rare, at least this time of year in Iceland) and you do want to be away from other lights, but even still the northern lights don’t come out every night. And when they do come out it could be for just 2 minutes out of an entire 18 hour stretch of darkness… There is a reason why the locals kept referring to it as “hunting” for the northern lights.


I think maybe because of this we had just assumed that we wouldn’t see anything. The sad thing was the northern lights did come out, and they came out fairly brightly, but it happened the second we got onto the boat. So we didn’t have our camera set up or the tripod ready, so we didn’t get any pictures. To be honest we probably would have needed to do a bunch of photography research ahead of time to get a great picture. We were super bummed that we came back from Iceland without a single northern lights picture BUT we did get to see the northern lights, and for a while we weren’t even sure that would happen! (and thus to photograph the northern lights is still on my bucket list)


All the other boats were also lit up at night and was really pretty!



We could even see the mountains!


Such a cute looking traffic cone!


I’m glowing!


IF we had to go back to Iceland and skip something we would probably have given up these boat rides, but you never know ahead of time. If I had been able to see Shamu it would have been worth it! Either way we made the best of it and enjoyed the views we had on our boat trips

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