Weekend with the Family

So the weekend after labor day, my mom and Steve drove up from Arizona for the weekend. I convinced (it didn’t take much convincing) everyone to come with Jeb and I to the chili festival in Evergreen. $15 to taste unlimited green, red, and white chili! There were over 50 kinds of chili to try. Because Tech would be playing later that evening, we thought it would be fun to all get decked out in our Hokie gear.


Later that evening we went to dinner but Natalie and Bret were in a rush because they had tickets to a concert they were running late for. Aurora was being fussy if no one paid attention to her, so somehow Uncle Jeb ended up with the Hokie Baby! I think they were actually both pretty happy. 🙂


The next day we rode bikes to Denver and then on the way back we stopped at a brewery. Jeb and I decided that babies don’t really need to be all that difficult. He helped me drink my beer while I helped Aurora drink her bottle. Worked pretty well haha.


It was a short but fun visit together! Can’t wait for everyone to be all together again soon.

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