Wedding Festivities

For our bachelor/bachelorette parties we decided to go a different route. Jeb went skiing with a few guy friends and spent the night at a hotel in Keystone. And I had a cabin weekend with friends and family up in Estes Park. On our way up to the cabin my mom and I saw this!


Neither one of us had ever seen this many elk in one place before.


Look at their butts!


I slammed on the brakes and pulled over, and then my mom and I ran across the road to get pictures of them before they were gone!


It was a little scary to be this close to so many of them, but they didn’t even seem to notice or care about us.


We were glad because even several hours later when Natalie and Rachel drove through, they still got to see some.


Selfie with the elk!


This was the view from our cabin. We had an awesome weekend of crafts, chick flicks, drinks, food, and games!


AND, we had a hot tub! This was pretty much a requirement for when I researched cabins.


The outside of our cabin.


The inside of the cabin. It had this really cool loft above that you had to climb the ladder up to. This was a fun place to sleep except for in the middle of the night when I kept having to pee and would have to climb down the ladder half asleep!


Cute little cabin. Surprisingly it could comfortably sleep 8 people. We would like to go back sometime, but next time we will bring our men too!


My little car, Blue Raz next to Rachel’s huge rental car lol. A Ford F150.


The group (minus my mom). We went into town and went to a craft fair. We each bought some cute mountain souvenirs. I even bought a really neat mug for Jeb!


When we went in the hot tub Natalie couldn’t get in all the way because she was pregnant at time! But it was so cold outside that she had to have tons of layers on in order to be warm while only partially in.


The rest of us, enjoying being fully in the water! 🙂


The next day we went to Rocky Mountain National Park.


Since it was winter we could only drive through a small portion of the park. It was still neat for them to see though.


It really wasn’t THAT cold, but from how much we were bundled you would never know haha.




The lake was completely frozen!


Our whole group. Sadly Jeb was at work still. 🙁


Having so much fun in the van… Way too many people piled into the barfy van.


The next day (also while Jeb was at work) we all went snow tubing. The rest of them had never been before.


Rachel and Natalie going down the slow boring lane lol. They didn’t want to go on the “fast” one right away.


The rest of us riding down a faster lane.


There we go!


Our very heavy load lol. We went so far up the sides (like on a water slide) that rachel was almost completely vertical. I had no clue how she managed to not fall out of her tube! We kept getting in trouble for going too fast. So every time they would tell us to go down a different way, and then it was still just as fast.


Picking up speed!



We went to howl at the moon the night before heading up to the bed and breakfast in Alma.


Jeb’s mom and Aunt Sue also came as well.


Read the sign in the background!



Finally at the bed and breakfast. We had our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Thanksgiving, so the owners cooked us a thanksgiving meal. It was yummy! And we were glad not to have to miss out on Thanksgiving even with all of the wedding craziness.


The morning of our wedding we woke up and this is what it looked like outside! We were so excited to have snow on our wedding. It continued to snow off and on the entire day and then in the evening it snowed the whole rest of the night. We got our dream winter wonderland wedding!


The house and the area is pretty just in general, but the snow really transforms it into somewhere magical.


The view from the main windows of the house. This was where we later had our reception dinner.


The day after our wedding everyone headed to Keystone. Some people skied, and others just rode the gondola up to take pictures.


Eskimos at the top of keystone! lol


Can’t wait to teach Natalie how to ski 😉


About to ski down (an easy green).


My mom and Steve.


We were so excited to have our friends and family in town for our wedding. We loved that we got to show them some of our favorite things and places in Colorado! I was super sad when it was time for everyone to leave on Sunday.

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