“W” is for Wax Dripping

For our “W” date we decided to make some creepy halloween candles. I love how every time we get setup here the cats hop up to get involved lol. But we had to kick them off once we had open flames and hot dripping wax!


We saw the idea for these candles on pinterest and thought they didn’t sound too difficult (or expensive), so we decided to give them a try.


Basically all you do is light the red candles and let them drip wax down the white ones so that it looks like the candles are bleeding.


Jeb was really good at this craft! Biggest problem we encountered was that the small short red candles we bought are only red on the outside. So once you drip off the outer layer of red wax, they are actually white underneath and therefore useless haha. Thankfully we had bought a red taper candle as well, and it was actually red all the way through. So we had to use this one the most.


Once we were done dripping the red wax on them, we then added some nails into the big white candle to make it look like it had been punctured.


I don’t mean to brag, but I think these turned out really well! I really like our newest addition to our collection of Halloween decorations that we have made ourselves. 🙂

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