Viking Village Dinner

We decided to brave our chances on taking the bus over to the Viking Village to have a fun dinner. We got to (what we thought was) the bus stop 30 minutes early just to make sure we weren’t late for our dinner reservation. Then at the last second we realized, as we saw the bus coming in to a different area, that we were standing on the wrong side of the bus station. We ran to try to catch it but didn’t get there in time. So instead we had to pay $50 to take a taxi less than 5 miles… everything is so expensive in Iceland.


This guy was serenading us with music while we ate lol.


We decided to order the viking fest for our meal. It consisted of one beer each, 1 shot each of black death (Iceland’s famous liquor), putrified shark, some kind of other fish, soup, and lamb shank. We wanted to get the authentic experience.The shark was disgusting, the black death was weird, but the rest was all pretty good.


Jeb looked less scared about trying the shark than I was!


It was a really neat looking place. It was expensive, but then again everything was in Iceland so I think it was worth it to go here. Turned out it was pretty empty at the restaurant, so we probably could have waited for the next bus…



It kind of reminded me of going to Medieval Times! (still need to take Jeb to one of those)


It’s funny how we kept our coats on the whole meal. I think we were just happy to finally be warm.


Also, on the Viking theme, earlier that day we went to the National Museum of Iceland. I look so fat completely bundled up! It was pouring down sleeting on us.


Jeb is a big puff too!


At the museum we tried on old time Icelandic clothes. The wool was so warm, I wanted to steal it and take it with us! The locals told us even in the rain with just the wool on you stay pretty warm because it takes a lot of rain before it will soak through the thick wool.



The thing we couldn’t figure out in Iceland was, for people who descended from tough Viking ancestors, that I’m sure were good at roughing it, why were all the people in Iceland so pretty and delicate? My two thoughts on this are 1. It is just the city people that are so delicate and soft, as is often the case when you compare city people to rural people. 2. There is so much European influence in modern Iceland that this causes them to be this way. Who knows, just random things we discussed while on countless bus rides through Iceland…lol.

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