On our Washington trip we did a short detour up to Canada to go to Vancouver. I even had to get  a new passport for this since I needed one that would say “Brako” instead!

As usual we were on a pretty tight schedule and only went up to Vancouver for one evening. We basically had enough time to do dinner there and to walk around and explore a little.

When we went through the border crossing the Canadian border agent was one of those people that takes their job way too seriously and thinks they are going to be the next person to uncover a plotting terrorist… She asked us so many questions and was very skeptical of the fact that we were only planning to be in Canada for 4-5 hours and just have dinner and then head back to the states. I don’t know why this was so weird, lots of people go into cities just for a few hours…

We ate dinner at this place called JapaDog. It was this little chain of restaurants in Vancouver that offers Japanese style hot dogs. All of the types of flavors and things were very unique and interesting. We ended up really liking the place. It was cheap and tasty, and it doesn’t get much better than that!

After dinner we headed down to the water to walk along the shoreline.We took a bunch of pictures of the iconic Canada Place building. I also enjoyed seeing all of the sea planes. If we had more time (and more money) I would have liked to ride on one. That is definitely a bucket list item for me.

It was a little hazy that day and since we were there so late the sun had started to go down, so it was a little difficult for photography.

I think we got a few pretty good pictures of the buildings reflecting in the water. And the moon was out!


I was having a hard time getting the pictures the way I wanted them because there was an exxon gas station out in the middle of the water, and it was making all of my pictures look ugly!

We then walked over to this park area that had a bunch of the native totem poles. I alway like the look of these and all of the colors on them!

Picture of the bridge as the sun sets behind it.

Canadian selfie! lol. We also did make sure we got our maple leaf Christmas ornament! I don’t know where you go to do this, but someday I want to go to one of those places where you can get fresh maple syrup straight from the trees, that sounds so awesome to me!

One last almost nighttime picture of the city skyline. Definitely a pretty city!

I’m not certain if we will ever be back to Vancouver, but if we get a chance I would like to have more time to explore the area.

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