Valley of Fire State Park

Since Jeb and I had finally won permits through the lottery for the Zion subway, we were headed to southwest Utah. We had to pick up our permits the day before so we were out there plenty early. I looked up ahead of time what was in the area, and it turned out Valley of Fire state park was only an hour and a half away. Nothing like just going to Nevada for the weekend (not even a long weekend)!


We had tried to camp at Valley of Fire back in April on our spring break Arizona trip, but it was all full (no reservations for these sites). So unfortunately we didn’t get to see the park then, because we only drove through at night. We were happy to be back for real this time!


For some reason the hiking trails in this area were super hard to follow and confusing. We definitely got turned around, but we were not the only ones. Not sure what kind of cactus this is. From a distance we thought it was the teddy bear ones like we had seen at Joshua tree, but up close it was different looking.


It was a little weird for us to be back in the desert where it was 90 degrees when it was almost October, and felt to us like it should be fall. The day before we had driven through the mountains in Colorado and been snowed on! Is it fall anywhere?! lol.


Jeb looking up at the path and determining this is not the right way to go! We found the trail eventually. It was weird because the beginning of the trail was marked really well, like almost unnecessarily well, markers every 5-10 feet. But then it just kind of disappeared and became confusing…


View of the fire canyon.


Looking back on the way you go to get to the fire canyon lookout.



Finally made it to the rainbow vista area!


We could see some taller mountains off in the distance.


Probably one of the neatest things about this pak is just all of the different colors that show up in the rocks.


We saw a bunch of people there taking wedding photos. It is only about an hour from Las Vegas, so maybe this is a popular place for people to come that live out there.


I definitely would not have wanted my wedding photos taken here. I would have been sweaty and sandy in all of them!


We really liked this rock. It was tough getting a good picture of it because the sun was starting to come down in this direction. Jeb held his hand above the camera to block out some of the extra sunlight, so we were able to get some pictures.


I like how the road looks, winding between the rocks in the park.



The next place we headed to in the park was the fire wave.


Really pretty looking terrain out there. I think this park is probably underappreciated, but at least that makes it less crowded!




This was our favorite spot in the park; it is called the “Fire Wave”. It really reminded us of the place called “The Wave”, in Arizona that people fight so hard to get permits to. Maybe not as big or “perfect” looking as that place, but still pretty awesome.



Does this remind anyone of the place from the movie the Nightmare before Christmas? It reminded Jeb and I exactly of that! It was like the desert, wavy colored version of the place from the movie 🙂



My turn for pictures!


The sky really looks so dark blue here.


Had to take a selfie. I look so silly with my hat on backwards lol. But I didn’t want it to shadow my face in pictures.


After that we drove the rest of the route through the park and took a few more pictures.



Our last stop was at where the map had labeled there being petrified wood. We stopped thinking it would be a whole area of that, I think we were thinking of Petrified Forest National Park too much. When we got there it was pretty funny because it was just one petrified log with a fence around it! Oh well, haha.


We had a lot of fun at this park, and it was definitely a good way to spend our time while waiting to do the Subway the next day!

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