“V” is for Voodoo Comedy Playhouse

For our “V” date we chose to go back to Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. We had been here once before and really enjoyed it. It is a small improv comedy theater in Denver.


Waiting for the show to get started. We like this place because it is really low key, and only $5 for tickets to get in and then you can attend as many shows as you like. Drinks are also really cheap too! $3 beers 🙂


It may look really empty here, but it actually got pretty crowded right before it started. Most people just stay at the bar until right before the show starts. It is pretty funny when we go because Jeb and I look really out of place at it. It is definitely a very hipstery place, so we stand out a little! lol.


When we came before on a Friday night we saw two shows: one was an improv Shakespeare spoof show and one was an improv Broadway musical show. This time there wasn’t any particular theme to the show, it was just two different improv groups that each performed for about 20-30 minutes.


We ended up preferring the Friday night themed shows, but it was still a good time! Definitely a fun way to spend a Wednesday night! 🙂

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