“U” is for Underwater Restaurant

For our “U” date we chose Underwater Restaurant. Ok this is a little bit of a stretch as the restaurant isn’t really underwater, but it is in an aquarium alongside the huge fish tanks, so practically the same thing!


There really aren’t a lot of good options for the letter “U” if you think about it. The food at this place is pretty good but the prices are pretty high and the service is mediocre. You’re really paying for the experience, but it is interesting.


I think it is worth going to one of these types of places once to try, but I don’t feel like I really ever need to go back.


My mom and Steve were in town for the weekend so they watched Aurora while Natalie, Bret, Jeb, and I rode our bikes to Denver. It ended up being an all day expedition. We left the house at noon, rode to Denver, had lunch here, rode to a brewery, had beers, rode to another restaurant, had dinner, and finally finished the ride home. We didn’t get back until 9pm! We road just over 40 miles total!


My mom and Steve were the only ones that looked nice since they drove there. The rest of us were sweaty and in bike riding clothes!


It is also strange because there are “mermaids” that swim around in the tank with the fish and come right up to the glass. I guess it is neat for little kids but pretty strange in general!


Jeb and I shared a seafood platter and it ended up being enough food for both of us, so this was definitely the way to go since getting two meals would have been way too much money! The aquarium restaurant is neat, but I still prefer the rainforest cafe (and the dinosaur version that is in downtown disney)!

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