To the Top of Keystone

So this year Jeb and I upped the ante on our skiing by purchasing packs that would hold our skis, so that we could hike higher than where the chairlifts go.


Trying to get mentally prepared for almost 1,000 feet of gain with heavy skis on my back.


The hike was brutal but the view is always worth it in Colorado.


So here is my verdict on the packs: they are a necessary evil for this type of activity. It is by far the easiest way to carry your skis but they still feel very far from light like this.


Jeb went ahead of me to take pictures. The weekend before we had done the same thing except I didn’t have a pack yet so Jeb carried both pairs of skis. So by comparison this time was easy for him.


Still trekking along…


I wish this picture truly conveyed how steep and tough it was.




Maybe slightly tired?

DSCN0762  DSCN0764

Just after this picture I realized I still had to get down the entire mountain and the hard part wasn’t over yet! But for then it was still all smiles.


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