Tillamook Factory

Thanks to a surprising but awesome recommendation from my boss, we decided to drive out to the town of TIllamook to visit the Tillamook Cheese factory. Here they make cheese, ice cream, and butter- all things I love! They also had a store/restaurant on site.


I guess I pay more attention to dairy products than Jeb because I had heard of/recognized Tillamook’s name/logo before we went there. Jeb said he had not heard of them before. However, after getting back from our trip Jeb checked at our local grocery store in Colorado, and sure enough they sell Tillamook products.


At the factory they had a free self guided tour. It had informational signs to learn about their history, a viewing area to watch the products being made, AND free cheese samples!



All of their cheeses tasted really good to me, but their smoked cheddar was by far our favorite!


Now this is my kind of size for cheese! Pepperjack too yet.



We were still pretty full from our late lunch at Pine State Biscuit (awesome gourmet biscuit restaurant in Portland), but we still bought a small snack to have there. Have you ever seen wine in a can? Oregon is known for their pinot noir, but I didn’t know we would be drinking it out of a can!



Feeling classy with my can of wine!


Taking a look at the factory production. Wish it was running at that time, but still neat to see.


For everyone who knows I love cows, this was my kind of place! In a town along the Oregon coast that brags they have more cows than people, you can understand where they get their motto of “cheese, trees, and ocean breeze” from!


After this we bought ice cream. Jeb had salted caramel hazelnut and I had huckleberry. Really glad my boss suggested this place. Well worth the 1 hour drive from Portland, and gave us a chance to see the Oregon coast!

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