Theodore Roosevelt National Park

While on our North Dakota trip we stopped at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I think a lot of people don’t even realize that North Dakota has a national park!


I have ready before various lists of “The Worst National Parks”, kind of a strange concept for a list, but this park often makes those types of lists. We were so badly hoping we would go there and determine it was vastly underappreciated. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. We definitely appreciated the views and the wildlife, but we had to admit it was our least favorite national park (out of 25 so far).


We referred to this park as the Badlands, but with grass. Anyone that has been to the Badlands National Park can probably see why we called it this!


Probably the most popular thing to do at the national park (or near it) is horseback riding. Maybe if we had done that we would have felt more like authentic Theodore Roosevelt lol. But I still have 4 more years till Jeb owes me another time getting back on a horse 😉 (Once every five years and rode horses in Iceland last year)


For lack of other great sounding options, we mostly just drove the 36 miles scenic loop through the park and stopped to take pictures and go for short walks.


This is at the overlook called the Badlands Overlook.



We did see a few bison while we were in the park. Not as many as Yellowstone, but they are still always so impressive because they are so huge.


At the top of Buck Hill. The second highest spot in the park.


Jeb looking off into the distance. It is neat how vast the area is that encompasses the park. There is actually even a second district of the park in the north that is separate from this area. We didn’t have enough time to go up there as well.


There is also petrified wood at this park that would have been neat to see if we had more time. Fortunately we have been to Petrified Forest National Park before!



We almost forgot to be in a picture together!


This area had so many prairie dogs. Although we have tons in Colorado Jeb and I love them! They make the funniest sounds.


They are so good at standing on their hind legs.





On our way out we came around a curve and this guy was standing there in the middle of the road!


I like how it looks like the bison is leading the cars down the road.


Maybe it was for the best that this park wasn’t amazing. We only had about 3 hours of daylight to spend at it (other than camping there the night before). And this turned out to be just the right amount of time!

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