The Gorilla Run

Jeb and I signed up to do the Gorilla Run. A 5K run where you dress up in Gorilla costumes, and the money raised goes to benefit endangered mountain gorillas.

The best part of this run was that your registration fee includes the gorilla suit, which you get to keep. Perfect for future halloween costumes.

Another big part of the race is that people dress up their gorillas. Since the race was 2 weeks before our wedding we decided to go as bride and groom gorillas. We bought cheap stuff from Party city to create our costumes.


We had thought that since the run was in mid November it would be pretty comfortable wearing a gorilla suit. We were wrong. As with typical Colorado weather, the sun is intense and it can be hot just about any day of the year as a result. This day was really warm, and we were dying in our gorilla suits! No one ran with their face masks on because if you did you were probably going to pass out.


At the race there was a contest for best costumes. We were really hoping to win. We were bummed because they broke it into two categories: individuals and groups. So we had to compete in the group category. Problem was there were groups with 10-15 people, and so when you have more people coordinated it is always going to be more impressive than just two people. We really felt like they should have had a 3rd category for couples, because we saw a bunch of cute couples gorillas, but none of these groups stood a chance of winning. I think one of the winning groups went as the band the Monkees, at least this was pretty clever.


I thought we were adorable regardless of the results 🙂 Also I loved my huge necklace ring bling lol.


The race was a lot of fun! We will have to do it again someday since we already have the costumes. Maybe we will wait and do it once we have our own little gorillas to do it with us 🙂

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