The Enchantments

I once read an article about the hardest hiking permits to obtain in the United States, and this was how I heard about the enchantments. As outdoor recreation continues to get more and more popular, and awareness of beautiful places increases (thanks to sites like pinterest), permits become more difficult to get.

Despite the expected challenge, I decided to play the permit lottery for the Enchantments. We didn’t win a permit to camp in the “Core Enchantments” area, but we did get a permit for one of the zones. (Not the areas that are most famous for its beauty, but still a part of the enchantments). We were excited to go check it out!

I really loved these flowers, as you can probably tell! So far we have been relatively successful in permit lotteries. We have won permits for the Subway and the Narrows at Zion national park, and now this area!

To be honest, by the time in our trip that this hike rolled around we really weren’t too in the mood to go backpacking. We had just successfully summited Mt.Rainier a few days earlier and we were more excited for easy activities and simply just having a drink and basking in the glory a little bit of the fact that we had achieved one of our major dreams lol. But we were still in Washington and we wanted to see as much as we could while we were there so we loaded our packs up (with more food and beer than anything truly valuable) and headed out for a night of backpacking!

One of our favorite things about traveling is always trying local beers, wines, and ciders from wherever we are at. We were excited to be in Washington and be able to get a beer from Idaho we like, as well as try some marion berry cider!

Thanks to the fact that we live in Colorado I think we are spoiled by having a plethora of spectacular alpine lakes and scenery. Therefore as a result, we thought this area was pretty. But in our opinion it was far from life changing and a little bit underwhelming for all of the hype we have heard.

I have seen pictures of areas in the Core Enchantments zone that are very pretty. Don’t get me wrong, this was still definitely pretty- just not as pretty as the pictures I had seen online and was hoping to go to!

We still ended up having a good time and enjoyed our drinks! On a trip with 9 nights of camping, it was nice to have 1 night fully away from people and the noise of crowded campgrounds. This area was very peaceful and quiet, and we were thankful for that.

It is also funny how much harder something seems depending on your level of motivation and enthusiasm for what you are doing. This hike was only about 3.5 miles each way and yet with a heavy pack and a heart that wasn’t super into it, it felt plenty difficult!

Here’s Jeb in the tent, getting things all set up!

In the morning we woke up to a weird noise and we were really hoping it wasn’t a bear. Thank goodness it was just a deer!

A few pictures of the lake from that morning.

I also really love these flowers!

I know everyone has particular types of photography that they really enjoy, and for me one of those types is definitely wildflower photography.

Hopefully someday we can go back to the Enchantments and go to the areas that I saw all of the pictures of on Pinterest!

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