Thanksgiving Snowboarding

Jeb and I like to go skiing on Thanksgiving because it is always way less crowded, and it is a pretty fun activity for when you aren’t getting together with family for a traditional thanksgiving. However, this season so far has not been very snowy at all. So we decided, when Colorado doesn’t give you enough snow to do any serious skiing… instead you rent snowboards and get your butt kicked snowboarding!


This season we have season passes to Loveland, so this is where we went. It was a surprisingly really cold day. When we first got there it was snowing and the sun wasn’t out at all. Fortunately the sun came out later and things warmed up a little bit. But as you can see in this picture below from the blowing snow, it remained windy throughout the day.


We decided there are definitely some pros and cons of snowboarding versus skiing. Snowboarding boots are way more comfortable and easy to walk in. The boards are also lighter and much easy to carry. The downside however, is that on flat areas you don’t have poles to push with and lifts are also way more challenging to get on and off with only one foot attached to the snowboard. The thing though that probably drove us the most nuts about snowboarding is constantly having to sit down and strap in when you get off the lifts and then unbuckle at the bottom of every single run. With skis you are alway ready to go!


I think because we are pretty good skiers we had some serious delusions that we were going to be way better at this… Our first run the number of falls we each had was definitely in the double digits and it took us almost an hour to get down 1 green “easy” trail lol. Sometime we will have to go back with our skis and see how many minutes it takes us to get down this trail!


We were so beat up from so many falls. I had to get used to not trying to put your hands down when you are falling (which I kept trying to do since you don’t have poles) cause this can really hurt your wrists. By the end of the day for me my butt and my knees hurt the most from how I tended to fall. For Jeb it was his butt as well and also his shoulder from one bad fall.


Here I come! Somehow I managed to narrowly miss hitting this guy sitting on the edge and avoid hitting Jeb. It was a very close call.


It was really hard getting used to not being able to do all the things that we take for granted knowing how to do on skis. At first we didn’t know how to get onto the lift well, how to get off the lift without falling (I still fell every time all day) didn’t know how to turn, or how to stop!


As the day went on we did get better, until a certain point where we were just too tired and beat up and starting to get worse. On my best run of the day I only fell 5 times from top to bottom of the trail.


It was kinda fun doing something that neither Jeb nor I was very good at, we were pretty much at the same skill level.


We look pretty good in these pictures though! I should have taken some videos of how bad the wipe outs were in order to give an accurate picture of how this day really was haha.


Jeb was brave to turn around backwards for this picture! I hated this area because of the tree in the middle. Somehow no matter which way I aimed I always ended up near this tree. One time I had to bail out and intentionally fall down just to avoid hitting a tree lol.


Jeb is the person in the middle of this trail on his butt. Prior to this picture he had gone backwards under the rope off the edge of the trail into the deep snow. He had to climb his way out and back onto the trail. Fortunately he didn’t get hurt, but he was still pretty shaken up from the fall!


You can see all the snow in his bear from his fall! This is what happens when we wait till the end of the day to take our close up pictures.


Me with my snowboard! Our boards were pretty cool looking. We had bought a groupon for the rental. It was only $32 for 2 snowboards and boots for the whole day. Pretty good deal!


Snowboarding selfie!


This was definitely a unique way to spend our thanksgiving holiday! Though we paid the price later with how sore we were! Sometime we will have to try this again, but hopefully we will be a little better next time 🙂

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