“T” is for Tie Dye

For our “T” date I picked tie dye. It had been a really long time (if ever) since either of us had done any tie dying. I had bought a kit in college and never got around to using it. So after a quick trip to Walmart for some cheap t-shirts, we were ready to go.


I wanted to try doing like sports bras or tank tops, or something cuter than t-shirts but I didn’t want to spend the money on more expensive stuff since we didn’t know if it would turn out well or not. So our kit came with instructions for a few different patterns of tie dye.

For our own future reminder the one above that Jeb is doing turned out really well, the one below with it crumpled up did not turn out very well at all. On second thought it makes sense, because the majority of the shirt is wrapped inside and therefore remained white. Maybe I was supposed to undo it and regather it in different clumps or something to add more dye, but oh well.


The “crumpled” technique of this one that Jeb did below was another not as great one because once you rinse it all of the dye just blended into the parts that didn’t originally have dye.


The instructions said to wrap in plastic wrap to keep the color/moisture in. I have no idea why, considering our kit even came with plastic gloves, but we both forgot to put them on before getting started. Our hands were covered with colors and it would not come off… I still have some stained into my hands now!


For this shirt I went with a really simple technique of basically just doing like you would with splatter paint. I actually like how this one turned out.


Working hard flinging the dye on here. Hardest part was to not get it everywhere! Didn’t want to end up with it on the walls or on the cats haha.


I think that is enough splattering lol.


Jeb free handed this one, without using any rubber bands or anything. He did a really good job! It turned out even neater once we rinsed the dye out and the colors blended a little bit.


We let them sit overnight and then we rinsed out the dye. Once the majority of the color was out I ran them through the washer and dryer. Here are my 2 favorites of the ones I did (below). The third I did was kind of meh, so I didn’t bother taking a pic of it.


Here are Jeb’s best two as well.


We actually had a lot of fun with this date, and the shirts turned out better than I had expected. I honestly thought the whole thing might be a total flop. So maybe we will even be brave and tie dye some other articles of clothing!

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