Strawberry Picking

After Jeb and I had so much fun picking cherries in Oregon, we are always keeping our eyes peeled for places to pick fruit together. On our way to Congaree National Park we saw signs for strawberry picking and blueberry picking. Since we finished our canoe trip early (because we are such awesome paddlers 😉 ) we had some extra time.

It turned out the blueberries weren’t quite in season yet, but the strawberries were ready! Jeb had never picked strawberries before, and I hadn’t done it since I was really little with my grandparents in Florida.

Although not quite as pretty as the cherry picking (and a whole lot more humid!), strawberrying picking was a lot of fun. Jeb is not a very efficient picker since his strategy tends to be, one in his mouth one in the basket, and so on haha.

This place had so many picture perfect looking strawberries! We could have filled up so many more baskets, and we probably should have because they were so good.

Me with the strawberries so far! Even though this was like 9am it was already very hot and humid. So we kinda picked quickly and then got back to our air conditioned rental car. Thanks to all of the bug bites we had from the day before in the swamp… we didn’t have too much of a tolerance for heat.

Working hard lol. But seriously I do feel for anyone who does this all day!!

Strawberry selfie 🙂

Are these not the most perfect looking strawberries you’ve ever seen?!

So now we have picked strawberries and cherries together. Hopefully blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries will be next!

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