St. Louis

Jeb and I flew to St. Louis with Natalie and Bret in order to visit my grandpa. It was cheaper to fly in to St. Louis than to fly in to Chicago, so that’s why we went there. I insisted that on Sunday when we flew out that we get up super early so that we could spend the day in the city before flying out.

First on my to-do list was to try the famous St. Louis breakfast meal called a Slinger. I researched the best breakfast restaurants in St. Louis, and so we decided to go to the Southwest Diner. A slinger consists of eggs, a hamburger patty, and potatoes all with either green or red chili spread over it. Jeb and I shared one with green chili and my mom and Steve (who were nice enough to get up at 5am to drive us) shared one with red chili. We were all glad that we didn’t order individual ones, they were huge!


After we were done with breakfast we headed to the main downtown part of the city. We had a little time to spare before our trip up the arch, so we walked past the stadium to see where the Cardinals play.


The arch was so much taller in person than what we had expected it to be. It was really neat that you could see from it all over the city.


I always love how baseball stadiums look. I might be a much bigger fan of football than baseball, but I always appreciate the classic, old fashioned look of baseball stadiums.


Jeb and I had spent the night before at Bret’s childhood house, about an hour away from my grandpa’s, so we had got up at 4am in order to be there in time for my mom and Steve to drive us. We really enjoyed seeing the city, but we were definitely sleepy (and you can tell)!


This building is the old courthouse. It is where the Dred Scott court case took place. It is now a monument to Thomas Jefferson, in honor of the Louisiana Purchase. We also didn’t realize ahead of time that this building and the arch are a national monument (though the trip to the top of the arch is operated by a private company).


Somehow we can’t quite escape the National Park Service no matter where we go! Even when we’re in cities we still end up in the park service lol.


Looking around inside the building. So many flags!


After walking around in the building we headed over to the arch because we had bought tickets online to go up to the top. I really like that you can actually buy tickets ahead of time with a designated tour time. It was really awesome to not have to waste hours waiting in line!


They are doing tons of construction all around the arch, so unfortunately I couldn’t seem to cut it all out of the picture. But I still think this is a neat angle.


In order to get to the top you have to ride in these weird tiny pod things. This is the little door that you have to step through to get into them. Can you believe these things fit 5 people?!


All four of us inside getting ready to head up. If you are claustrophobic, this is not the place for you! It is really tight and you can’t really see out to see anything at all.


My mom had been up it before but it had been almost 30 years!


It was also pretty barfy inside! The thing stays upright but it has to level itself every little bit to keep from tipping as you go up the curved arch. It feels really weird and kind of insecure riding in it.


We made it to the top! lol. This is the view out the tiny windows, looking back at the courthouse and the baseball stadium.


You could watch the baseball game from up here! Well sorta…


We lucked out with a pretty day! It was 75 degrees and definitely did not feel like fall here.


The inside of the top of arch is so strange. For one, it has really short ceilings. It is also curved (since it is an arch…). Also, the windows are really small! You have to lean on these ledges in order to see out. It kind of made me feel nauseous laying out on them looking down and being able to see below you, under the arch.


After we got down we headed over to the Mississippi River to take some pictures.


Unfortunately you would have to be on the other side of the river in Illinois (in the ghetto of east St. Louis), in order to get the classic looking picture of the arch with the city behind it.


At least we could get the majority of the arch in the picture with us here!


LOL LOOK AT JEB! I guess he did not realize he was walking straight into their picture! And I also did not realize it at the time. He looks really mad or at least determined haha.


After the arch we went to lunch. I had some more authentic St. Louis foods to try. For one, I wanted to try provel cheese. It is a combination of cheddar, swiss, and provolone. I thought it was really tasty! It was much creamier than normal mozzarella sticks, the consistency was actually more like bree.


We then had St. Louis style pizza. It is a type of thin crust pizza and made with 100% provel cheese. My mom didn’t really like it that much. I thought that New York, Chicago, even Colorado style pizzas are better. But that being said, I was glad to have tried it, and if I were ever back in St. Louis I would have it again!


Our last stop was at the Schlafly brewery. Back on the east coast we used to be able to get Schlafly beers regularly, and they were some of our favorites.


In Colorado it is much more difficult to get as much out of state beer, so this was our first time having Schlafly beers in over 2 years. They were so good! We also hit it at the perfect time of the year because we were able to have their pumpkin ale, pumpkin stout, Oktoberfest, imperial Oktoberfest, and hard cider! 🙂


We really wanted to take some back with us. But since we were flying carry on only it wasn’t an option!


We had an awesome and busy half day in St. Louis! We were really glad to get to experience a new city together on this trip. Jeb and I had never been to Missouri together either so it counts as a new state for us!

Thanks mom and Steve for getting up early to take us to St. Louis!

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