Spruce Knob

While we were on the east coast for Laura’s wedding we decided to head out to the West Virginia high point. It would have been a lot more convenient if we had done this high point when we lived in Virginia/Maryland, but unfortunately we didn’t get more seriously into highpointing until we moved to Colorado.

The high point is nowhere near Williamsburg Virginia (where the wedding was) nor near the airport, but still closer than it would be from Colorado!

This is another easy east coast high point. You can drive all the way until 900 feet from the observation tower. Since Rainier would be our next high point, we didn’t mind too much that this would be an easy one!

We were lucky with a really nice pretty day. West Virginia gets a bad reputation sometimes (and sometimes for a good reason), but there is no denying that there are a lot of beautiful places in West Virginia.

This is the observation tower that you can go up to look out and take pictures from. So many of the east coast high points have structures. I think because otherwise you might not know that you were at the top of the state! Plus since you’re not above the treeline, without the tower you wouldn’t be able to see anything.

As far as the east coast goes, this high point is fairly high up, but still lower in elevation than our house in Colorado! lol.

I was only on the east coast for less than 48 hours, but in that time I got to see my dad, go to Laura’s wedding with Jeb, my mom, and Steve, get the West Virginia high point, and do dinner with Jeb’s mom! I’d say it was a very successful/productive weekend!

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