Snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park

So last year all the women (plus Rachel!) went to a cabin in Estes Park before my wedding. This year we went back and rented the same cabin but this time with our husbands!

The nice part about staying in a cabin in Estes Park is that you are very close to Rocky Mountain National Park.

I convinced my whole family to try snowshoeing for the first time! I was very excited and proud that everyone was willing to come out and give it a go! Even Aurora was along for the ride (literally)!

Jeb and I already had snowshoes but my mom, Steve, Natalie, and Bret all bought snowshoes with a good deal at Costco.

Probably a little colder here than my mom is used to in Phoenix!

If you’ve never snowshoed before, one thing to realize is that they aren’t the easiest things to walk or maneuver in. You really can’t back up, instead you have to turn all the way around.

Also, this snowshoeing wasn’t too hard because the snow was relatively packed down and not too deep. When there is like 3 feet of snow the snowshoes make it so you only sink down like a foot and a half instead of 3, but it is still not easy! Breaking trail is a very exhausting task (a good one for Jeb).

Steve seemed to probably enjoy the snowshoeing the most out of the whole group. Maybe they will someday do some snowshoeing at the top of the grand canyon or up near Flagstaff someday.

Unfortunately Jeb is not in hardly any pictures since he was taking pictures of the group. We should have switched part way through.

Back on the move! The snowshoeing gang!

Not sure how far we hiked (not super far) but with snowshoes and altitude it is still definitely a good workout.

Natalie and Bret headed back a little bit before the rest of us because Aurora was crying, but my mom and Steve stuck it out a little bit more. These are some pretty cool 60+ year olds!

A picture of Jeb!

The good news is that now that we all have snowshoes, we are set for next year at our next cabin! We have decided to make this an annual tradition to rent a cabin together the 6 of us, just each year from now on we are going to rent a different cabin in a different part of Colorado. Can’t wait!

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