Snowshoe Mountain

For Valentine’s Day Jeb and I always try to go on a fun trip together. For Valentine’s Day 2013 we went to Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia. This was my first ever true ski vacation. Snowshoe is a neat place because it has an entire village at the top of the mountain with restaurants, hotels, and shops. Our first evening we ate dinner at one of the restaurants up there.

We stayed at a hotel at the bottom of the mountain, but our hotel was still pretty cool because it had an indoor pool and a bus shuttle to the top of the mountain. The pool was really funny because it was way too humid in there so it was a little bit like a rainforest, it was practically raining just in the area around the pool. Also we lucked out with good skiing conditions because it snowed while we were there. However, this meant for a really terrifying bus ride up the mountain. We saw a whole bunch of wrecks but thankfully we weren’t involved in any!

Snowshoe is a pretty awesome place for a ski resort that is on the east coast, but not up in the northeast. It has this area on the back side with some more difficult terrain and even a trail that is 1.5 miles long – which is a big deal for east coast skiing.

Unfortunately I had a pretty bad wipe out while we were there and messed up my knee. Fortunately it healed after a few days, but I had it pretty rough while we were there. For whatever reason it hurt less when I skied than when I walked, so we just kept going lol.

We had a really awesome trip skiing at snowshoe!

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