Snowmobiling in Iceland

Despite the fact that there are plenty of places to go snowmobiling in Colorado, neither Jeb nor I had ever been before. This was the company we went with, and one of their vehicles for getting to the snowmobiling location up on the glacier.


This was the vehicle we rode in. It was so high off the ground! Our driver inflated and deflated the tires in order to get better traction on the ice. The tires also had spikes on them! It was crazy how this thing was unstoppable on such difficult terrain!


Climbing up the steps to get into it.


The awesome outfits they suited us in. This was some of the warmest we ever were on the entire trip! We look like we are ready for motorcycles.


The weather was crazy while we were there, it was a complete white out. We couldn’t see very far at all. When we got on the snowmobiles we had to ride follow the leader and pretty close together otherwise it would be really easy to get lost out there. It was kinda scary how remote it felt out there because of the white out.


This company had so many snowmobiles!



Finally on and ready to go!


I made Jeb drive the whole time because I didn’t want to get lost out there or hit a bump that you couldn’t see and flip us! Though riding on the back is definitely an adventure!


I held on so tightly!


A selfie in the side view mirror.


The rain/snow started coming down even harder once we got going.


Making it look like I actually drove it LOL.




I want one of these things to take back to Colorado! We would never struggle with weather or not make it to a 14er trailhead!


Such beautiful Icelandic weather!


We had a blast snowmobiling but we really want to do it somewhere next time where you can go off on your own for a certain amount of time, and not have to play follow the leader. I think we would have even more fun just being able to explore on our own.

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