Sequoia National Park

The next day after camping we drove back up and went to Sequoia National Park. The previous day we had just driven through the park in order to get to Kings Canyon. I took this pictures because this was the first time we got a glimpse of even where we were. The previous day had been so foggy that you couldn’t even tell you were in the mountains.

The previous night while we were getting rain down at our lower elevation campground, up where the sequoias are, it was snowing.

The trees looked even prettier with having fresh white snow on them!

This was definitely the coldest weather we encountered on our trip. Fortunately we weren’t trying to sleep in it!

The reddish trees, with the white snow, and bright green moss made for some really pretty color contrasts.

Jeb is always touching trees it seems like in these pictures haha.

While Kings Canyon has the 2nd largest trip in the world, Sequoia national park has the largest tree in the world! At 275 feet tall, the General Sherman tree is definitely an impressive sight to see!

I thought the little baby sequoias were so cute. 🙂

Can you see Jeb in the picture below in front of the tree? He looks so small in front of this monstrous tree!

Starting to get slightly sunny! I like how the sun is really just hitting the one tree in the picture and making the red glow.

I might be biased, but I thought this picture turned out super cute! Maybe it’s the practically matching hats haha.

Headed back down the mountain into lower elevations. We never could seem to get a clear view of this area!

The park was full of these trees with bright purple flowers that were very pretty.

We did one last hike before heading out of the park. We hiked over to a bridge that goes across the river.

There were a lot of signs on the trails at the park about dangers of drowning. Apparently the leading cause of death at national parks is drowning. I would have initially guessed it to be maybe heat stroke or dehydration, so I was a little surprised. But I guess it makes sense considering how many parks have large bodies of water.

This looks like a completely different day than the previous selfie picture in this post, but nope the pictures were taken probably only an hour apart.

At the bridge across the river.

As I said in my Kings Canyon post, we will definitely be back at these parks someday because there would be so much more to see and do in the summer!

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