Since we spent more than a week in Washington we knew we wanted to take a day to visit Seattle.

We took the ferry over into the city. Maybe it’s kinda dorky but I was so excited. I had never been on a real ferry before like this, where you actually drive your car up onto it. This ferry was huge!

We were able to get out of the car and walk around. There was an inside area with couches and a snack bar and even wifi. It might not be super fast, but if this was my commute to work I don’t think I would mind too much! Since it was part of the city transportation system, it wasn’t too expensive either.

The best part for us though was going out onto the outside deck and taking pictures of Mt. Rainier in the background. Even from this far away, the mountain is still very impressive!

We ate lunch at this place that is famous for its mac n cheese, and we tried a coffee shop that was really unique. The northwest is known for its coffee and there were so many coffee shops everywhere! We really enjoyed trying different places and they weren’t too expensive, considering.

We then went to the Chihuly Museum. We had seen his work before, when the Denver Botanical Gardens did an exhibit with his glass art. I had really enjoyed it then and despite the museum being way too expensive… I was excited to see an entire museum dedicated to his unique creations.

Here are a bunch of pictures of some of my favorites:

This looks like something straight out of Dr. Seuss! But in a way more grown up sophisticated type of way lol.

Us at the museum! We were all decked out for the 4th of July!

The Space Needle. We didn’t end up going up in it because it was so expensive, but it was still neat to see.

Here are some more pictures from the outdoor garden area:

We then headed back to our car to drive to a different area in the town for fireworks.

Ready for the fireworks to begin!

We thought the fireworks here were actually very good (or at least better than the ones we saw in Portland Oregon the year before).

Here are some of my favorite fireworks pictures (mostly from the finale):

The city skyline was so hazy looking after the fireworks were done. I should have taken a picture before the fireworks, but with the crowds it was too difficult to get to this area!

Between the food, drinks, city sites, and the museum, we enjoyed Seattle. Though to be honest I much prefer Chicago or San Francisco over Seattle. But maybe just because those places have sentimental value to me as well! Regardless, it is always fun celebrating the 4th of July in a new city!

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