Sassafras Mountain

The highest point in South Carolina is Sassafras Mountain. I really loved how many of these beautiful flowers we saw on our south east coast trip.

Another fun thing about high points is that sometimes they surprise you. Every now and then you think one will be kinda crappy and it will either just actually be way better than you expected, or for some certain personal reason you will end up liking it more than others.

This was one that definitely surprised us by being a lot prettier than we thought it would be. After having recently done Kentucky and having bad weather on North Carolina, our expectations weren’t super high lol.

The weirdest thing about this high point was the strange bum guy in the parking lot. He said he had just finished a several day backpacking trip in the woods, but he didn’t have that much gear and he also didn’t look necessarily in shape enough for backpacking. He was just lingering in the parking lot sitting up against a post, and there were no other cars there other than ours. I thought it was really strange. To be honest I was afraid he was going to try to break into our car once we walked away to the top. Thankfully when we got back to the car it looked as if he had not even moved in the time we were gone. So at least my biases were partially wrong!

I do love the look of the green rolling hills of the east coast!

This was actually our 2nd high point in the same day, as we had been at the top of North Carolina earlier in the morning.

No structure at this one, but at least there was a plaque to mark the spot. Believe it or not, sometimes it is hard to find the actual highest point at these places.

The weird thing about this trip was how rapidly our high point count kept changing. I am used to saying like for example “we have done 15 high points” and then having that number stay the same for sometimes 6 months or more. But this time the number kept changing almost everyday, sometimes twice a day!

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