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To be honest, probably the part of our trip that I look forward to the most was going to San Francisco with Jeb! He had never been to San Francisco before. Despite that I only lived in California for 3 years (and when I was young), San Francisco has always held a special place in my heart!

We stayed at a hotel in the city on Lombard street about a half mile away from the famous crooked portion of the street that is in the picture below. We walked everywhere we went in the city. Since the city is so hilly we actually got a ton of exercise. The first evening we were there we walked 6 miles, and the second day when we were there for a full day we walked 18 miles!

Before checking into our hotel we drove by AT&T park.

We also stopped at a brewery we like, called 21st Amendment. I had a watermelon wheat beer that was delicious!

After checking into our hotel and taking our 2nd much needed shower, we headed to Pier 39 for dinner. After months of me talking up the Boudin bakery, Jeb was very excited to have clam chowder in a sourdough breadbowl there! Plus anchor steam beer is local to San Francisco.

We then walked down and explored the rest of the places on the pier. We had to get some saltwater taffy, so many crazy flavors to try!

Plus where else can you see so many sea lions in one place?! They are so loud and so stinky! But pretty cute nonetheless.

Jeb, always the lover of wildlife definitely enjoyed seeing them all there.

I honestly don’t know how they ever get any sleep, they lay there forever but there is always at least a few of them being noisy and obnoxious to the rest of the group lol.

We then went to the new (relatively new- 2005 I think) Boudin location that is huge and located right next to fisherman’s wharf. I had never been there before, I had only ever been to the small restaurant on Pier 39.

We really loved all the fun animal and other shapes that they bake the bread into.

We also did the little free museum/ factory tour that they have upstairs. It was neat watching the bread actually being made here.

Jeb really wanted to get one of the full size crabs or turtles that they have. But I was like what are we going to do with that much bread?!

Instead we settled on getting a small turtle to split and eat haha. So cute and tasty!

We then walked over and explored the Fisherman’s wharf area.This guy was alive and moving and seriously freaking me out haha!


Next we headed over to Ghiradelli Square. We had ice cream, tried some samples, and even bought a few chocolates to take home. I love their chocolate!

We then walked back to our hotel for the end of our first partially day in the city. We spotted a view of the Golden Gate bridge on our walk back. Unfortunately the weather was super hazy the entire time we were there, not sure why. So anytime we were far from the bridges the pictures didn’t come out super well.

The first thing we did on our second day in the city was head out to alcatraz. This was my 3rd time visiting the island, but I always find it interesting.

I definitely could not swim from the island to the city, so escaping would not have been an option for me if I was imprisoned there!

On the island we did the 45 minute audio tour, which I think this was the first time I actually listened to the whole thing before. It was very interesting.

Jeb along the tour in the cell block.

This looks horrible…

Should I shut him in? Lol just kidding 😉

Looking from the island toward the Golden Gate Bridge, again not a super clear day.

Looking the other direction from the island to the Bay Bridge. For anyone that likes bridges, this would be the perfect city to visit!

After we got back from Alcatraz we walked over to Coit Tower, and took the elevator up to the top for an amazing view of the city.

Look you can see Lombard street!

Such a small city compared to like New York or something, though still a lot larger than Denver.

Selfie from up in the tower.

Looking down on Alcatraz and the boat that we had been on earlier that day. It’s funny because Coit tower really isn’t that tall, it’s just that it is on top of such a huge hill that it has this view.

After Coit tower we walked over to the Chinatown area. We had lunch there and had some pretty good Chinese food. Our one regret was that we didn’t get more Bao on this trip, but there was just too much good food to choose from…

We stopped in at the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie factory.

It was cool to see them actually making fortune cookies.

These are so huge!

At this point we were about half way down one of the cable car routes, so we walked some more to get to the end of the line. We then bought one way tickets to ride the cable car back to Fisherman’s wharf.

It was interesting to watch them rotate the cable cars here at the end of the line in order to head back in the opposite direction.

Sadly we got stuck on the inside of the cable car crammed in with way too many people. I wanted to take pictures of us on the cable car, but instead this was the best we got. It definitely would have been more fun on the outside either sitting or standing up hanging on, but oh well.

After this we got dinner for a second night in a row at Boudin’s haha. But it was worth it! After splitting a bottle of wine haha we set out for a LONG walk to the Golden Gate Bridge.

We walked all the way to the bridge, all of the way across the bridge, and then all the way back to our hotel… This was about half of the 18 miles we walked that day.

By the time we got back to the hotel my feet were killing me! But it was worth it, we had a lot of fun doing this.

See, we don’t always look grungy! haha.

Almost to the bridge…

Finally walking across the bridge! We were there right at sunset time.

It never seems that high up in pictures, but when you get there and look over the edge… it is a long and terrifying way down!

We fully crossed the bridge and then turned around and headed back. It was starting to get dark as we did this, so we got some neat lit up pictures of the bridge as well.

It was still pretty hazy out so this picture looks really fuzzy.. but it was really pretty in person looking back towards the lit up city and Bay Bridge. It was also crazy to see just how far we had walked that day.

On the way back to our hotel we passed the Palace of Fine Arts.

I have seen it before many times, but never at night. It looked like something out of Italy or Greece instead of a place you would expect to see in San Francisco! So pretty!

We had a really great time in San Francisco. In a short amount of time we were able to do pretty much all of the main things we really wanted to do. I was so glad to get to show Jeb this city that I love!

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  1. Sherry

    So glad you guys enjoyed San Fran!
    Great pics! That lobster sure did look good!
    I also love San Fran especially the weather. Lol

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