“S” is for Sushi

So for our “S” date knew we wanted sushi. We had great ambitions of making it ourselves and making all of these fancy and elaborate kinds. When the day rolled around however, we were both feeling super lazy and neither of us felt up for all of that work!


So instead we decided to go to King Soopers and buy sushi. Surprisingly this grocery store actually sells really tasty sushi (unlike costco). Since it was a date night, we went all out. We also had the added benefit that I have been to China before, so we pulled out my authentic tea kettle and chopsticks set from China. (As in bought in China and brought back- not just “made in China” lol).


We also have three kinds of tea still left, that we love, that I brought back from China in 2012. I’m not sure what the shelf life is supposed to be for this (or if there is one), but it still tastes delicious! Jeb is always the tea maker in our house lol.


I also have (from China) one of those really cool mugs that changes pictures when you add hot water to it. This one starts out as a dragon, and then transitions to the great wall of China. Below is the “before” and the “during” pictures.


Here is the “after”! The Great Wall of China! I think this mug is especially neat because it actually changes colors, drastically, and not just the picture.


I took the sushi out of the containers to lay them all out pretty. This is plate one!


And this is plate two! We were such pigs! We were both so stuffed after this meal. Jeb even had to help me finish it. But it did all taste super yummy!


Our full setup. Sushi, chopsticks, color changing mug, tea, and tea kettle! After quite a while of setup time we were finally ready to eat.


We were also excited because our wine from our wine making class (back in April) was finally ready to drink, so we also got to enjoy this with our meal.


This might have been a whole alphabet date that consisted just of eating and drinking, but we definitely love sushi!

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