Royal Gorge Murder Mystery Train

The first time Jeb and I went down to Canon city and to the Royal Gorge Bridge, we found out that there was a train that goes under it, along the river, through the canyon. Ever since then we have wanted to ride it!

3 years later we finally went on the train. I saw online that they do murder mystery train rides and so I thought this would be a really fun Halloween activity. So we headed down there the weekend before Halloween (since Halloween was on a Tuesday) to try out the train.

I’m not sure why, but we really love going on scenic train rides! Maybe because we didn’t grow up in a time period when going on train rides was as “normal”, or maybe it’s just because in Colorado there are so many neat looking trains with scenic routes!

After riding the train we decided our favorite aspect was the views and the train ride itself. Our second favorite aspect was the food, because it was actually pretty good- better than we expected it to be. Our least favorite aspect ended up being the actual murder mystery thing.

I don’t blame the company because you can’t really put on a full show on a train, there isn’t room for a stage. So as a result you just end up with a few characters saying their lines in the aisle and then everyone trying to guess who the murderer was. It wasn’t bad or anything just not super great or memorable.

We would definitely ride the train again, and I think we would even enjoy doing another dinner ride on it, but we would probably save some money and skip the murder mystery aspect.

I liked that the train had an outside car so that we could step outside, enjoy the views, and take better pictures!

We have rafted on the Arkansas River through here before, so it was cool to see this area again, and go under the bridge as well.

We booked a hotel in Canon city for that night so that we wouldn’t have to drive home after the dinner. After the train ride we went to a hot springs a few miles outside of town.

It ended up being a really fun short little weekend trip!

The next morning before driving home we drove up Skyline Drive. It is pretty cool that this road exists to drive up and see the city from above.

The road is paved, free to drive on, and even includes areas where you can see actual dinosaur fossils.

Canon city isn’t (to me) as pretty as some of the major mountain towns in Colorado, but it definitely has its own sort of western charm to it.

We’ve now ridden the Georgetown loop scenic train, the Durango Silverton train, and the royal gorge train! We will have to look up and see what other ones are left to try out here. 🙂

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