Rocky Mountain

Another day in Rocky Mountain National Park! Jeb and I realized the other day that we have been to RMNP at least 13 times now lol! We might have actually been a couple more than this, but it is at least 13 times that we could specifically think of and remember the hikes/activities that we did.

This time we headed up to RMNP with Natalie, Bret, and Aurora, and my dad and Ning. The plan was to drive the entire length of trail ridge road. We have done this before, but we were on a rest day in our training plan- so just going for an easy ride was fine with us!

It ended up being a pretty good day for wildlife! We saw a moose! Jeb and I have seen moose before but probably only 5 or 6 times total. Regardless, we are always excited when we see a moose!

Up higher on trail ridge road, looking back towards Bear Lake. Jeb and I did so much hiking in the area that this picture is looking at, between our avalanche class, and our Rainier training. It was neat seeing it now though from this vantage point.

And then the sheep came! haha. We saw tons of bighorn sheep up pretty close too yet!

Jeb with the big horn sheep. Unfortunately my pics are a little bright from being back lit.

More sheep, and they kept coming closer!

We ended up seeing more than 10 of them in this spot. We even went off for probably half an hour to do a short hike and when we came back they were still there!.

A squinty me, with the sheep! There are so many pictures of me where I am squinting, but with sunglasses right there on my head…

Crazy hair from the wind, but otherwise not a bad picture of us! 🙂 Probably because we didn’t have a stranger taking a picture of us this time.

Another beautiful Colorado day.

I forgot to post the pictures my dad took with everyone else in them, oh well! But I swear my family was there as well. Another pretty day in RMNP. I don’t like the crowds but I do like this park!

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