Rim Overlook Hike – Capitol Reef

So every now and then despite my best efforts at planning things, sometimes plans just don’t work out. We were going to go to Buckskin Gulch (the longest slot canyon in the south west) but since July is part of monsoon season, we ended up having to cancel our trip. There had been a bunch of flash floods in the days leading up to it and so we didn’t think it would be a good idea to be in a 12 mile long slot canyon, with no way out, and no way of knowing what the weather was like miles away.

So instead we decided to still go to Utah, but to visit some different sites instead. We booked a few last minute campgrounds and packed our camping gear for a different than planned but hopefully still equally fun trip.

The first place we went to was back to Capitol Reef National Park. We really love this national park and are very thankful that it is vastly underappreciated by tourists, and thus never too crowded.

Capitol reef also happens to be on the way to a lot of other places in Utah, so we end up at the very least driving through the park several times per year.

This time we decided to do the Rim Overlook hike. The hike did not disappoint! Despite the overcast stormy weather, the views were still amazing. You could see a huge section of the waterpocket fold from up there.

And we saw a cute chipmunk!

We had another good time at Capitol Reef! Combine the neat canyons, the huge rock formations, the waterpocket fold, and the orchards – and this makes for a pretty great park. 🙂

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