Riding ATVs on Sand Dunes

In 2016 we went on a week long Utah trip. One of the places we went to was Sand Hollow State Park. I really loved this park and new I wanted to go back! So on our first trip after Mt. Rainier we headed back to this park. I just think this area is so pretty with the blue lake and the really orange/red sand all around it.

I told Jeb that for our first trip after Rainier I only wanted to do really easy, but fun things. 🙂 So we decided to rent ATVs at this park and go riding on sand dunes. After seeing people do this last year I thought it looked like so much fun, that it instantly became a bucket list item.

We aren’t normally big fans of off roading type activities. Neither of us like the idea of it being slow and technical and having to worry about messing up the vehicle you are driving. For us the most fun part of ATVs is just going fast up and down hills. So riding on sand dunes is perfect for doing exactly that!

This area is so vast and pretty! Normally I’d prefer traveling on foot, but ATVs were the perfect way to see a lot of the area in a very short time. Also, it was well over 100 degrees- so really not the best weather for desert hiking! Everyone was trying to warn us to rent watercrafts instead of ATVs because it was so hot, but we were like you just sit there… we will be fine. And we were!

Nothing but tracks out there!

Our first destination. When we rented them the company downloaded some trail maps of the area onto our phone. I enjoyed the aspect of actually going to a specific place, instead of just driving around in circles.

Jeb drove first for a while and then we traded places and I drove. I had fun driving it, but in general I have more fun just riding on the back and not having to worry about anything!

I love that there are still big mountains in the distance when you go to this area.

Us with our ATV. Definitely a hot and sweaty, slippery ride lol. We had to wear pants to drive it so when we got back we were excited to put on our swimsuits and get into the water!

It is so vast and all the same color, so in picture form it is hard to actually see texture in the photo. There were actually big hills of sand dunes even though you can’t tell that well.

In this picture you can actually tell we are about to go down a big hill.

It’s funny because sand dunes are so hard and exhausting to hike up, but I thought for a motorized vehicle it would be easy. But this was not the case, even on steep dunes with a lot of deep loose sand, the ATV still struggled to get up it!

We saw some people driving the more like dune buggy type of vehicles, and they seemed to get up the dunes a lot easier. So this is what we want to rent next time!

The other thing that made it fun (and scary) was that you would gun it hard to get up the sand dunes and you wouldn’t be able to see the other side of it until you got up over the top of it, so all the sudden it would be a fairly steep drop off on the other side of it!

The third area (first area was the overlook, then the dunes) that we headed to was this area seen below, of neat rock formations.

We got off and hiked around a little to explore the area.

Jeb checking it out!

Headed back down to the lake.

This was so much fun! I can’t wait to do it again preferably with some family members so that we can have multiple vehicles riding around together!

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