For our one fancy dinner of our trip we went to the Perlan. The things below that are lit up with Christmas colors are actual water tanks.


A really neat but weird looking building!


Too dark where we were to get a good picture of us with it.


We walked there and walked pretty fast uphill while we were super bundled up. So we actually both got sweaty on our way to our fancy dinner lol.


The top where we ate rotates slowly so that you can see the whole city while you eat. I love these kind of restaurants! We had a pretty cool view of the city.


It was so pretty inside too! They had a Christmas buffet. I won’t tell you how much it cost because it was insane, but we were just so happy to finally get a meal where we could eat as much as we want and not walk away hungry! Considering a bowl of soup cost $30 one of the places we saw, we were willing to pay quite a bit for a fancy meal, in a pretty location, where we could get PLENTY to eat!


The closest to dressed up I was the entire trip, a nice sweater. I had brought a fancy dress for this meal, but once we got to Iceland I realized there was no way I was going anywhere with bare legs!


Looking handsome 🙂



It’s funny to see the city skyline there because there really aren’t any tall buildings. No skyscrapers like we are used to seeing even in the smaller US cities.


This water fountain thing was going right through the building and up the staircase.


This was my favorite building in the city. It is there theater/concert hall, called the Harpa. But I love how they would change the colors on the outside of it.


We went there to see the show “How to become Icelandic in 60 Minutes”. It was pretty funny and we definitely appreciated the humor after several days of being in Iceland. I think we both thought for a sort of national level production it could have been a little bit better. But we definitely enjoyed it.


It probably doesn’t look like it but this is almost 11am here lol.


We also went to the Harpa to see their Icelandic 360 thing. It was basically a video that plays in this small room that shows on the walls and ceiling all around you. It was very pretty and neat footage but it made both of us super dizzy!


The hallgrimskirkja, the tallest building in Reykjavik. We were hoping to go up in it but our schedule was too busy for the really limited hours it had. It was still neat to see, especially lit up at night.



Our awesome hotel… look at the size of our covers relative to our bed lol… thankfully they gave us two of these miniature covers, but having to use separate covers was pretty crappy.


The other thing we thought was crazy in Iceland was how small the coffees were. We are used to huge American sized and were not prepared for this. Every time we would order like a $3-$4 coffee it would be in an 8 ounce cup… and then this was how full it would be. I guess they figured you would want to put a ton of cream in it but still you were only getting like 6 ounces of coffee!!


Our favorite thing about Reykjavik was probably that it was small enough that we could always walk everywhere we wanted to go. That and probably the ice cream, we loved the ice cream!

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