Red Canyon

On one of our drives on the trip we happened to drive through this area with signs for Red Canyon.

It turns out there is a really neat canyon that is part of the Dixie National Forest, and features (obviously) very red colored rocks.

We decided to stop and do some hiking. This turned out to be a good decision. Although we had never heard of it, this area was kind of like a mini Bryce Canyon National Park. It was really beautiful.

I think we will for sure be back here someday to do some of the longer hikes.

Every time you think you know all of all the amazing places Utah has to offer, a brand new canyon pops up right in front of your eyes! lol.

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures:

Jeb on the hike. This hike was basically go up one area down the next constantly, sort of skirting the edge of these rock formations.

You can see in this picture where the road just goes right through the canyon, with formations on each side of the road.

This picture definitely reminds me of Bryce Canyon.

Blue sky + white clouds + red rocks + green trees = perfect conditions for photography. Can’t complain!

The sun really makes the rocks look like they are glowing from within.

We then did another hike on the other side of the road. Look at the cool rock tunnel below, with cars going through it!

Sometimes I think we really should live out this way since we spend so much time there. But I’d still miss my snowy Colorado mountains!

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