Rainbow Bridge National Monument

The last thing we did on our Utah/Arizona weekend trip, was take a boat out to Rainbow Bridge National Monument. The best thing about this trip was that we got to see so much of Lake Powell on the way to it.

Round trip it was a 7 hour excursion. It was about 2.5 hours to get out to Rainbow bridge, and then we had some time to walk to it and take pictures.

The only way to get to Rainbow Bridge is by boat, because on the other side of it is an Indian  Reservation. So you can either take a private boat, or a boat tour to get to it.

Rainbow bridge is said to be “one of the largest known natural bridges in the world”. It truly was spectacular to see!

The “compromise” made with the Indians in order for the park service to get to own this land, is that they tell you not to walk under the bridge because I guess that’s sacrilegious or something to the Indians…

Jeb and I with rainbow bridge. I thought this person actually did a pretty good job with this picture because it’s tricky getting people in the picture and the whole bridge!

We lucked out with a really beautiful day for photography!

I’ll bet this whole area would be a fun place to go exploring if it was allowed.

From the other side of the bridge!

Sweaty selfie! We were only out there for less than an hour but it was pretty miserably hot!

The ride to the bridge on the boat wasn’t too bad because it was still early, but the ride back was kinda miserable. We just saw there and sweat… lol.

The nice part of this trip is that since they don’t serve food or drinks on the boat they allow you to bring your own cooler of food. We brought a lot of good stuff and had a pretty yummy feast!

We stopped at this one dock on the way back, not sure why exactly. It had a gas station for boats!  You definitely need that because Lake Powell is so massive!

Heading back.

This was definitely worth it in my opinion because it was a fun way to get to see so much of Lake Powell!

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