“R” is for Rollerskating

For “R” we decided to go rollerblading/rollerskating. At the roller rink by us Tuesday nights are adults only lol. So for $5 per person it included admission and skate rental. Pretty good deal!


Despite the fact that it might look empty in this picture, it actually became a pretty hopping place a little bit later lol.


Some people there were really into it. We saw people that were really good and even had light up skates that changed colors. I want some of those!


Jeb decided to rent rollerblades and I got roller skates. I grew up on roller skates, so this is what I’m better at. Still not good, but better! I remember when rollerblades first came out and then roller skating was considered so uncool. Fortunately for me roller skating has made a comeback!


This made for a pretty fun Tuesday night!

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