“Q” is for Qwirkle

One day we were at a Barnes and Nobles and in their game section we saw a game named Qwirkle. We knew this would be perfect for our “Q” Date! We ordered it on amazon (because it was cheaper) and then took it out to Ridgway State Park where we camped for our weekend in Ouray.


I like that the pieces are actually made out of wood. Maybe I am a board game nerd, but I think the pieces are really pretty!


Despite that I forgot to be in a single picture, I swear I was there for this date! Jeb reading up on the instructions.


We camped with Natalie and Bret, so we were excited to have more than just the two of us for trying out our new game! Natalie and Bret cooked us breakfast while we got the game set up. Yay for yummy breakfast sandwiches! (The day before Jeb made blueberry white chocolate chip macadamia nut pancakes- DELICIOUS) We ate well on this trip!


This was what the game looked like when Jeb went out (but actually I won lol). You have to connect them by either the same color or same shape. But you get points for each move you make, so you can go out first and still not win.


It was a pretty fun game and an awesome “Q” date, especially considering Q isn’t the easiest letter!

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