Purgatory Yurt Weekend

This year Jeb and I have season passes to Loveland. One of the great things about our passes is that we have free days at 4 different other ski resorts in Colorado. One of the places we have passes to is Purgatory, in Durango.

All season long Jeb and I have had really bad luck with it always being super cold, super windy, and very low visibility on the days we have gone skiing. We had been craving a day of nice weather. Well we were in luck at Purgatory!

Probably partially since the top of Purgatory is still lower in elevation than the parking lot at Loveland lol, it was a lot warmer. We really lucked out with a sunny day of perfect weather.

One of my favorite things about Purgatory was how amazing the views were from everywhere at the resort. We love the San Juan mountains, and we were really excited to be back out this way.

Though not nearly as big as Loveland- we still enjoyed Purgatory. There was almost no one there, and the lifts were really nice and fast, so we never had to wait in any lines. Although there isn’t any above treeline terrains or bowls to ski, there were a lot of fun areas through the terrain.

Also, we called this day the day of the moguls. Because since there wasn’t any really high up terrain it felt like all of the runs were about the moguls. My thighs were so exhausted by the end of the day!

Another thing that made this trip unique- was that we stayed in a yurt at Mancos State park. Jeb and I have been in yurts many times, and have even done a fancy backcountry dinner in one, but we have never spent the night in a yurt!

This yurt was really nice. We had electricity- so plenty of light, plus a fridge and a microwave. Also the gas stove made it really nice and warm!

The yurt was very cozy and we loved how remote it felt thanks to the fact that the park was almost completely empty. This was the perfect place to come back to and relax after a day of hard skiing. If only we could have had a hot tub… 🙂

As you can see in this picture our yurt even had a skylight at the top, so we could look out and see the stars through it at night. I don’t think this park typically gets tons of sun- but they had just had a big snowstorm earlier that week. So we lucked out with getting a snowy experience and views.

On our way back we decided to make a detour and go to Zapata falls. The falls is pretty close to Sand Dunes National park, but we hadn’t had a chance to go when we went to Sand Dunes before.

This waterfall is really neat looking in the winter when it is entirely frozen. It is a short hike to it and we were surprised to find it so frozen considering what a warm day it was. But you end up hiking kind of back into a small slot canyon, and suddenly it is a lot colder, and a frozen waterfall appears.

When we arrived there were 2 guys that were packing up their gear after a day of ice climbing on the falls. That sounded like so much fun!

We couldn’t get any closer to the falls than this without having spikes or crampons because everything was so frozen and slippery!

Zapata falls is on that list as one of the 99 most scenic places in Colorado, and I think I would agree with this ranking. I’m sure it is pretty too when it is not frozen.

This picture was taken from the parking lot. You can see Sand Dunes National Park in the background. It was a little bit stormy over the mountains- as it always seems to be over these ones!

It was a fun weekend of skiing, yurt getaway, and visiting the frozen waterfall. This was also part of Jeb’s birthday festivities- and I think it was definitely a good time!

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