Pikes Peak: 14,110 Feet

So after several times of planning on hiking Pikes Peak and having our plans ruined by other events (car race, marathon, etc.) we finally had a date where we were able to go hike it. Since we see this mountain so often (and have even been on top of it before – via train), it was starting to bother me that we hadn’t hiked it yet!

The hike itself would have been relatively uneventful had it not been for how unusually cold it was! We have done 14ers before in late September and had them be pretty bearable, so with this being September 16th we weren’t overly concerned. It turned out to be VERY cold and SUPER windy. Pretty much every person we encountered on the trail was surprised and unprepared for the weather. By the time we got to the top my whole body was so cold and even inside the building I could not seem to stop shaking! This was the coldest I’ve ever been on a 14er. So we actually ended up buying a blanket. Jeb wrapped the blanket around me and we put my pack over it to hold the blanket in place. I ended up hiking all the way back down the mountain with it on like this. I felt like I looked like a cross between a Sherpa and those guys in Peru that guide your llama along LOL.

Since we have been up this mountain before, and we started so early that we were already above 13,000 feet before the sun came up, we didn’t end up taking any pictures along the hike. Plus it was too cold to stop moving! We did however enjoy getting some food at the famous summit house place. We got one of the famous donuts. I thought it was just okay, more of a novelty just for the fact that you are getting a donut cooked above 14,000 feet. Really the hot tea was the best thing there was on this day!

Thankfully since it’s such a popular hike, the trail was relatively easy to follow and in pretty good shape. Other than being cold there wasn’t much suffering on this day! We are glad to have FINALLY (after almost 3.5 years of living in Colorado) crossed this one of the list!

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