Panorama Point

For our 6th high point we went on a random day trip out to Nebraska to Panorama Point. This was definitely tied for the status of easiest high point we have ever done. However as usual, it wasn’t all that easy to get to! We had to drive 20 miles of unpaved muddy pothole ridden roads… this was REALLY slow going.

At the “summit” there is this weird statue thing that is behind metal bars for some reason.. Jeb is pulling out the registry here to add our names.

We arrived at it, but since this high point is on private land there was a fee to go to it that we didn’t know about ahead of time. Neither of us had enough cash and so we just went through quickly and I guess technically we “illegally” summitted Nebraska.

It was super windy on the “summit”; we were surprised by it being so windy despite being such a flat high point. After driving for so long in the middle of nowhere we both had to pee really badly, this proved to be challenging with how windy it was! As you can see there isn’t much around in the area!

After leaving we could not find anywhere for lunch. Earlier Jeb had bought trail mix at a gas station and I had given him crap about this since we were going to go to lunch, well it definitely proved to be a good idea!

I wore my corn earnings from my grandma because this was Nebraska after all, so obviously there would be tons of corn at the summit! There wasn’t any corn…

There unsurprisingly was not anyone else around to take a picture of us, so a selfie would have to be good enough!

The only “Scary” aspect of this high point was that it was on open bison range. There were signs warned you: no hiking, no wandering around, just get out of your car get your pictures and be on your way or risk being gored by an angry bison! So we carefully checked for the all clear in terms of bison before getting out of our car!

Nebraska High Point Lessons Learned: always pack a lunch ahead of time- you might end up in the middle of nowhere with nothing to eat, not all high points are free to hike, and tumbleweed is aggressive! It tried to take out our car on the drive back!

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