Palouse Region

Our final stop on our Washington trip was to explore the Palouse region. I had seen pictures of this area on Pinterest and in the spring and early summer when the colors are very yellow and green and it is very pretty. We first went to Palouse Falls State Park.

The pictures of the falls I had seen before were a lot greener looking. I think you would have to be here earlier in the year for it to be greener, but it was still pretty nonetheless!

We walked around and took pictures from a few vantage points but it was over 100 degrees that day and we were quickly ready to get back in the car and moving on!

Looking down the canyon, pretty impressive! This place felt like it was so far out there in the middle of nowhere, so it was surprising to see such a large canyon here.

A little bit of green still left, but not much!

Jeb and I each with the falls in the background.

We drove around to a few different areas and overlooks to get a few pictures of the colorful rolling hills. Again, I think these pictures would have been a little bit better in spring, but still pretty!

I really like how golden colored and orangish the hills were.

Headed down another dirt road as usual…

Up on top of the highest hill in the area at this state park that overlooks the entire Palouse region. We then headed on to Spokane for dinner and ultimately the long drive back to Colorado…

I wasn’t excited to be headed back to work, but it wasn’t too bad of a drive back knowing we had accomplished what we set out to achieve, and then we had a pretty fun trip after the “hard” part!

Unfortunately our trip ended on a bad note. We drove up to our hotel that night in Missoula Montana only to find out that it had gone out of business and no one had notified us. A long story later, involving every single hotel in town being full, we finally arrived at a hotel around 3:30 in the morning… We slept a few hours and then got on the road again…

It was frustrating to get back home so late and so tired thanks to the hotel fiasco, but still we had a fantastic trip all and all! 🙂

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