Painted Mines Interpretive Park

Down near Natalie, only about 30 minutes from her house is a county park called Painted Mines Interpretive Park.

I had seen pictures of it online and thought it looked neat and worth checking out. So when my dad was in town, all 6 of us headed out there.

The place seems so random because everything around it is just flat and basically greenish fields. This doesn’t seem like a place where you would find a colorful canyon!

Aurora was really enjoying walking everyone around and exploring the rocks.

We didn’t have a ton of time there that day because we needed to be back by a certain time to watch a Virginia Tech football game, but I think this is a place that would be worth going back to sometime.

Only Aurora was small enough to fit through there!

So cute!

Unfortunately we were there on a fairly overcast day, so the colors weren’t quite as vivid as when the sun is shining directly on the rocks.

Aurora was having tons of fun kicking uncle Jeb lol. It was a fun game to her!

“Let me go, Uncle Jeb, I want to explore the canyon on my own!”

We then headed back into this area that was a little bit more like a slot canyon. Eventually you get to a dead end back there, but it is always fun exploring a new place.

Natalie climbing through the rocks. I’m not sure what the big group of people is doing in the picture on the right below, we never did figure that out.

Painted Mines is definitely worth visiting, especially since it’s rare to have something so pretty so far out in eastern Colorado!

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