Paddleboarding Lake Powell

We went to Lake Powell and had reservations to rent paddle boards. When we got there the guy offered us a refund because of the intense wind. He said it would probably be miserable. He suggested we wait and go tomorrow. Well… on an action packed trip like ours there isn’t “tomorrow” because tomorrow has its own plans! So we sucked it up and went anyways.


At this point we were still warm and dry! Thank goodness for the wetsuits because that water was cold.


We had specific plans for where we wanted to go. We were supposed to paddle 3 miles out and back and go into this really cool slot canyon. However, we were fighting intense wind and HUGE waves! The water was so choppy we couldn’t even stand up on the boards the entire time.


This spot was as far as we got thanks to the wind! We will have to go back another day to paddle through the slot canyons. But next time we are renting kayaks!


If I look exhausted it is because I had just gotten knocked off my boat by the waves and wind and slammed into rocks lol. It was not easy to get pushed off from the rocks and back onto the board. Water that cold just sucks the air right out of you!


Whenever we do things that we think will be “cute” easy things, it never ends up being the case! We got our butts kicked out there that day.


Here are some other pictures we took earlier that morning of Lake Powell.





With so many things to do there we will definitely be back as soon as possible

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