“P” is for Putt Putt

For “P” we decided to go play putt putt. Glow in the dark mini golf to be exact! There are two different locations not that far from us. But we went to Monster Mini Golf in Centennial because I found a groupon for 4 people to go!


It is a really neat looking place! Jeb and I did not plan ahead and we forgot to wear colors that would glow better in the black light. But at least we had letters that would glow! I always think black lights make teeth look so weird.


Natalie, Bret, and Aurora came with us as well. Especially since we had a groupon for four. Aurora and her blanket were glowing so bright in there. The glow baby was just too adorable!


Natalie and Bret planned ahead and wore the perfect clothes for it. Kind of ironic that Bret is even wearing a shirt that is about glowing haha. What a cute glow family!


Afterwards we sat down to add up the scores. I was holding Aurora and she was having fun pulling on the cords of my sweatshirt. It is crazy how strong her grip is and how hard she could pull. She was practically choking me with them! lol.


Natalie ended up winning the game. Bret came in second and Jeb and I tied for last, but only one point behind Bret! Natalie was definitely way better than us though!

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